Book Reviews

Struck by Lightning: My Journey from the Shadow to the Light

“Inspirational, many life lessons”

“Inspirational, many life lessons” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

What a great read! Struck by Lightning was so inspirational. I can’t believe the incredible obstacles you faced and how you turned your life around to be so incredibly inspirational, helpful and productive for others. Thank you for sharing your story so you can help others in recovery. October 26, 2018 AMAZON CUSTOMER

“An Inspiring Story of Recovery from Addiction”

“An Inspiring Story of Recovery from Addiction” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

With raw, unflinching honesty & courage Debbie Gill lays bare her tumultuous life as an addict, tracing its roots back to early childhood losses & unmet needs, & then, like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, recounts how she pieced her life back together, choosing a not easy path of recovery, tough love, & spiritual searching. Through it all you sense Debbie’s underlying love of life, passion for growth & learning, & deep longing to be of service to others. You will not put this book down until you finish it! Buy it & be inspired by her journey! October 22, 2018 ALISON D.

“Truth generating, sharing and learning”

“Truth generating, sharing and learning” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I applaud the cultivating way Debbie transparently shares her challenging but inspiring life experiences! She includes some brilliant spiritual teachings that have been a catalyst to her awakening on being her authentic self which can “strike” home to everyone. Truth generating! Anything is possible! A must read! October 21, 2018 LORI GROGAN, Humanitarian

“A must read!”

“A must read!” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

This book truly and deeply touched my heart and my soul in more ways that I can relay in words. Thank you for sharing your incredibly moving and inspiring story, Debbie. All that you have been through and what you have turned your life into from the pain endured, to healing for not only your own soul but that of others brought many tears to my eyes. Trusting in God, believing in the power of our thoughts, putting in the work to discover your truth.. the results can be utterly amazing and this book is the perfect example of that. I am extremely excited to share with everyone I know (especially those who suffer from addiction) I think it will help them more than anything to know they so far from alone in their battle. Debbie, you are a huge blessing to this earth. Thank you for doing what you needed to do to keep yourself here on this earth and fulfill your greater purpose. Thank you for putting the tools needed and recommending other spiritual books in your beautiful work of art as well. October 7, 2018 JEN VITAK

“Truly one of the best inspirational books for everyone!”

“Truly one of the best inspirational books for everyone!” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

As Debbie’s story unfolds, you can’t help but be surprised by the devastating events in her life. Her amazing journey and how she found her way to being the wonderful, caring woman she is today is motivating and inspiring. I loved this book! October 10, 2018 C. HALL


“Honest” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

Do you have a friend or a family member that is an addict? Or perhaps you are struggling with addiction? If so this would be a substantial book to read. I had two friends, suburban mothers, that died from addiction overdose. This book granted a greater understanding of the tragedy and turmoil of addiction and how it can affect every aspect of a life. The author makes reference to a teaching that was helpful in her process of healing. She shares that when the mind and the body are not aligned the result is chaos. That is an important key to understanding the dynamics of the addict. While reading this book I paused and reflected on many deep conversations with the two friends that overdosed that were insightful and healing oriented only for them to be shortly pulled under by the unrelenting addiction that would leave them in a mindless stupor. If you have known the heartbreak of loved ones that live this type of chaos this book can affirm and offer hope that profound recovery can occur. Healing begins with honesty and the author is honest in her struggles and commitment to recovery and healing. Easy read with a natural flow. If my review was only one word it would be — Honest. It is the word that leads the way for this author. October 4, 2018 SPARROW

“A Must Read…..We all can relate one way or another.”

“A Must Read…..We all can relate one way or another.” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

The Author, Ms. Debbie Gill, shared her most inner feelings and all her personal experiences during her lifetime. We all can relate to her story from different angles. We all have dark shadows that have come and gone in our lives as they had for Ms. Gill but a few can really open up so honestly as Ms. Gill has. I highly recommend reading Struck By Lightning as it’s the type of book once picked up is hard to put down. I’m so happy for Ms. Gill and commend her on all her accomplishment. Kudos to Ms. Gill. October 24, 2018 AMAZON CUSTOMER

“Behind the smile”

“Behind the smile” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I have known Debbie for many of years as a hard-working entrepreneur, always friendly, always smiling! I was anxious to support her newest endeavor and purchased a copy of her book. I was so surprised to learn of her dark days and the obstacles that she overcame that I read the book within 24 hours! The book is easy to read and inspirational ~ Kudos to you Deb October 22, 2018 CARLA VICARIO

“Couldn’t stop reading”

“Couldn’t stop reading” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I met Debbie the author at a Caroline Myss workshop about 5 years ago. To understand the archetypes and see them at play in your life for the good and the bad, Debbie’s personal struggle and story helped me see the 4 main archetypes more clearly in my life as well. She went through hell and back. I am so honored to have met her, read her story and the profound grace that her life has been filled with to have the strength to share it with the world. This book touched my soul in a deep way knowing that our paths crossed and she is very much alive, well, and survived her battle of addiction. October 11, 2018 KATHERINE W.

“Inspiring read”

“Inspiring read” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

A deeply personal story of one’s triumphant journey from darkness to light!  Inspiring read! August 23, 2018 AMAZON CUSTOMER

“Inspiring and Courageous”

“Inspiring and Courageous” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

A truly awe-inspiring story of Debbie Gill’s journey to become her best self. I cried tears as she broke open her heart and found the courage to dig deep into her soul. A book worth reading no matter where you are on your spiritual path. August 22, 2018 ELAINE M. BENSON

“So Relevant”

“So Relevant” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

A must read if you’ve struggled with addiction, loved an addict, are concerned about the epidemic, had your heart broken, or just had a lousy childhood. Debbie’s story is an inspiring easy-to-read, roller coaster of a journey from darkness into light. August 22, 2018 AMAZON CUSTOMER