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7-Step Success Path

Shadow Work

Are You...?

  • Stressed?
  • Stuck?
  • Not getting results?
  • Emotionally in turmoil?
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Want More...?

  • Clarity?
  • Acceptance?
  • Courage?
  • Intuition?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, Go Within Spiritual Coaching assists you with the ability to see things in a new perspective, helping you deepen your connection from within. As a result, you’ll find a more profound meaning and purpose that inspires you to reach your full potential, as well as develop your intuition.

Once your agenda is expressed and understood, a program will be personally tailored to determine the medium(s) which will best serve you in learning how to develop and listen to your intuition, the voice within you that is your personal GPS. They could include breathing techniques, such as Pranayama Ujjayi; meditation, such as Shamata, or Mindful; chakra balancing/clearing; shadow work; archetypes, the Four Survival; 12-Step Principles; Yoga, such as Yin; and journaling.

Positive Intelligence ®

Is self-sabotage holding you back? Elevate your mental fitness with our revolutionary PQ® Program and reclaim your confidence and inner peace.

Unlock your mental fitness and reclaim your confidence and inner peace

Discovering the truth about the sabotaging voices in my mind was a pivotal moment for me. I realized that my thoughts were entangled in a recurring pattern, a common experience shared by many. If your starting point echoes mine, you may also find resonance in this shared journey toward enhanced mental fitness. Take the Saboteur Assessment to learn what your top Saboteurs are.

Ready to Transform Your Mental Health

7-step Success Path

A comprehensive journey designed to navigate you from the struggles of your present situation to the fulfillment of your transformational goals. This six-month process uses paradigm mapping to dissect and understand the layers of your problems: initially identifying the surface issue (the presenting problem), addressing the underlying cause (the second-order problem), and finally uncovering the often invisible factors that keep these problems entrenched (the third-order problem).

Discover transformative healing – dive deep into your challenges, unlocking lasting change with unique, trauma-informed techniques.

This approach is supplemented by a range of coaching modalities, each tailored to address specific aspects of your healing journey. They include the BodyWisdom Process, which taps into the body’s innate intelligence for emotional and physical healing; the BeliefCloset Process for reshaping limiting beliefs; the Rescuing the Inner Child Process that aids in healing childhood trauma; the Cutting Cords Ceremony for releasing past emotional entanglements; the Give-Back Ceremony, which facilitates letting go of burdens not belonging to you; and the Voice Dialogue/Parts Work Processes for integrating and harmonizing the different parts of your psyche.

7 Step Success Plan
7-Step Success Plan
7-step Success Plan

Free Confidence Blueprint

Transform your journey from turmoil to tranquility. Discover how with the guide, From Disappointed to Confident in 5 Easy Steps.

Shadow Work

Shadow Work

In the transformative journey of personal development, Shadow Work emerges as a pivotal element. Rooted in the teachings of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, Shadow Work dives into the uncharted territories of our psyche, exploring those aspects we often choose to conceal or overlook. Go Within Spiritual Coaching’s 6-week online course, “Say Hello To Your Shadow Fears”, stands as a guide in this introspective quest.

The course is designed to illuminate common behavioral patterns that shadow our true selves – the Saboteur, the People Pleaser, and the Perfectionist. By identifying and understanding the fear triggers that fuel these personas, participants learn to reprogram destructive patterns. This is not just an exercise in self-awareness; it is a transformational journey towards embracing and integrating one’s repressed inner darkness. The ultimate goal? To transform these shadows into sources of strength.

Benefits of Shadow Work:

  • Enhanced Relationships: By understanding our shadow selves, we foster healthier, more authentic relationships.
  • Clarity and Insight: It provides mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity, allowing for a deeper understanding of our true selves.
  • Vitality and Health: Embracing our shadows can lead to improved energy and physical health.
  • Creative Awakening: It unlocks new levels of creativity, enabling us to express ourselves more fully.
  • Life Purpose: It expands our awareness of personal desires and life purpose, aligning us more closely with our true calling.

Engaging in Shadow Work is an act of courage. It involves reclaiming the projections we cast onto others and redirecting our focus inward. It involves understanding the subtle, often ignored aspects of ourselves. It’s about acknowledging that our shadows are integral parts of our being, deserving of our attention and compassion.