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Transform Your Trauma Into Triumph

When you don’t go within, you go without. Discover the path to healing and empowerment with Go Within Spiritual Coaching – where personal struggles become stepping stones to a fulfilled life.

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Confidence & Peace of Mind

Are you disappointed and easily triggered in life because you grew up with chaos all around you? Do you have trouble setting boundaries and having healthy relationships? Are you often frustrated and angry? Or, maybe, you feel disconnected and suppress how you feel.

You’re not alone…and help is on the way.

Calm confidence and peace of mind are only a few steps away, even for adults who have experienced childhood chaos. Get our ground-breaking resource guide 5 Steps to Go from Disappointed to Confident to get started now.

Meet Debbie

Debbie Gill, the heart and soul behind Go Within Spiritual Coaching, is not just a coach; she serves as a mentor of transformation, guiding individuals through their most challenging journeys. As a Wounded Healer, Debbie’s personal journey of recovery and transformation is a testament to her profound understanding and empathy.

Since 2000, she’s been living and teaching the spiritual essence of the 12 Steps, coupled with her expertise as a Certified Trauma-Informed Coach. Her approach is a unique blend of personal experience and professional training, utilizing 5 to 7 healing modalities that resonate deeply with her clients’ needs.

Debbie’s credentials include being a Positive Intelligence™ Coach, a seasoned Yoga Teacher, and a recognized voice in spiritual coaching – earning prestigious awards and accolades for her work. Her story of triumph, detailed in her book ‘Struck by Lightning: My Journey from the Shadow to the Light,’ is a source of inspiration and courage.

Embark on a journey with Debbie and discover the path from problem to solution, from shadow to light.


Confidence Blueprint

Transform your journey from turmoil to tranquility. Discover how with the guide, ‘From Disappointed to Confident in 5 Easy Steps.’

In this essential resource, you will:

  • Uncover and understand your triggers by closely observing your thoughts and actions.
  • Follow a straightforward, 5-step roadmap designed for immediate application, steering you towards a life of calm confidence.
  • Initiate impactful changes today to build the life you’ve always yearned for.

A life of confidence and calm is not just a dream—it’s within your grasp. Don’t wait another moment.

PQ™ Program

Experience lasting change with this 6-week program: interactive app, weekly videos, community support, and neuroscience-based techniques.

7 Step Success Path

Unlock transformative growth with this  6-month journey utilizing advanced modalities to uncover and address multi-layered challenges.

Shadow Work

Embrace and transform your hidden self  uncovering and reshaping deep-seated patterns for a more authentic, empowered life.

Spiritual Coaching Success Stories

Amanda Kaiser

“I can’t thank  Debbie enough for our incredible work together and how much it changed things for me. Before working with her, I completely denied I had any trauma. I just knew that I didn’t like how I felt. I was stuck, had social anxiety, and struggled with my relationships. Her guidance, support, and insightful coaching techniques helped me break through barriers I wasn’t even aware of.

I knew I had a gift to share with the world, but I knew at a deep level there were things I had to work through before I could use that gift. Through our sessions, I was able to heal and become a better version of myself. My confidence soared; I have peace of mind, and I’m ready to begin to help others heal just like you did for me. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t been divinely guided to you.” 

Amanda Kaiser

Asya Ruseva

I had an assessment session with Debbie Gill and I totally loved it! Debbie asked me the right questions to help me uncover my limiting beliefs, excuses, and thoughts that are holding me back from achieving my goals within the set deadlines. She shared so much insight and wisdom and answered all my tough questions. She reminded me of the steps I need to take to connect deeply with my intuition.

If you are ready to dig deeper into your spirit and soul and willing to connect with your inner wisdom and intuition, she can definitely help you do that, and I highly recommend her! Thank you, Debbie!”

Asya Ruseva

Tracy Ingram

“I knew I needed to be more outgoing if I wanted my business to grow. Before working with Debbie, I was reluctant to go out and meet people for fear of being judged or rejected. This was absolutely holding me back. I even reframed positive experiences as not deserving of them.

Through our work, I experienced tremendous relief from my breakthrough: I lost the mental baggage of the emotional weight I was carrying. Today, I can engage in conversations without feeling like I don’t deserve to. I even initiate conversations I never would have, and due to these changes, my business is moving forward.

Debbie helped me through the blocks that kept me from being confident enough to take the steps necessary to grow myself and my business.”

Tracey Ingram