Twelve-Step Principles

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Why the Twelve-Step Principles?

Although the original 12-step program was designed for alcoholics, the general lessons behind them are relevant for nearly everyone. Each step has a spiritual principle that when applied, allows you to become the best you can be. Go Within Spiritual Coaching guides you through them, taking a one-step-at-a-time approach.

We all have addictions of some sort; whether they are to alcohol or drugs, shopping, exercise, food, having the last word, having to be first or right, are just a few. Working this program will change your life.

Why the Twelve-Step Principles?

  •  Awareness of what thoughts lead to unwanted behaviors
  •  Becoming more honest about your life
  •  Having a greater sense of hope, faith, and courage
  •  Being more integrous
  •  Developing willingness and humility
  •  Becoming more disciplined

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Debbie from Go Within Spiritual Coaching has 18 years of experience working with these 12 principles as well as with the 12-step program. We know real transformation from within occurs when they are practiced.

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