• April 5, 2020

My Real Life Example of the Process of Manifestation

My Real Life Example of the Process of Manifestation

My Real Life Example of the Process of Manifestation 1024 666 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

My Real Life Example of the Process of Manifestation

I had become more open to following my intuition, so the experience I had on my way home from the airport was surprising, but not shocking. A thought downloaded into my consciousness—the name of a yoga business: Go Within Yoga. It was perfect; too perfect, I thought, for the internet domain to be available, but the urge to investigate the possibility made it difficult to drive.

As soon as I arrived home, I ran to my office and searched for the domain. I couldn’t find it, which meant it was available. I grabbed it, then got to work. I consciously manifested Go Within Yoga by following my intuition and working through the difficulties. Two years after my studio was opened and thriving, I read Lion’s book, Creating On Purpose. I realized that it described what I had done exactly.

My original thought, the name for the website, gowithinyoga.com (idea), came into existence (reality) as a studio, in only two months. Here’s how I moved down through the chakras:

I received the idea (Chakra seven) as a gift from the sea of infinite possibilities, and it was received by being open to my intuition and stream of consciousness. The crown chakra gives us access to higher states of awareness, beyond our personal preoccupations and thoughts.

I then began to visualize in my mind’s eye (Chakra six) what the studio and business would look like, and when it would happen. The sixth chakra is the center of intuition and foresight, and its function is driven by the principles of openness, insight, and imagination.

I began telling others (Chakra five)about my vision, which provided me feedback and support. The fifth chakra’s principles include expression and communication.

I received a great deal of support, which allowed my relationships with others (Chakra four) to flourish. Because we were working on behalf of service to the community, many people wanted to help manifest the vision I shared with them. I received love, support, and supplies that could create beauty, which is also associated with the fourth chakra. The heart brings bright colors to our life, along with compassion and love. Driven by the principles of transformation and integration, the fourth chakra bridges earthly and spiritual aspirations.

I then moved myself and others toward my goal using my will and personal power (Chakra three). I broke my big vision down into specific tasks that needed to be accomplished. The third chakra organizes fiery energy in order to move matter. It expresses our intention and moves the world, mobilizing energies of creation.

As I began to see my yoga studio coming together, it brought me pleasure (Chakra two), which spurred me forward. Everything I wanted came together, from the turquoise furniture I loved to a painting of the Buddha that fir perfectly on the wall. The second chakra is associated with the emotional body, sensuality, and creativity. The principle of pleasure directs its function. It also represents sexuality, which is the pleasure of procreation, and pure creation.

My enthusiasm (from the Greek, en-theos, meaning, in God) and inspiration (to breathe in) brought my vision into reality step by step (Chakra one). From the crown to the ground, each step evolved fluidly and easily because I kept my system open and clear. Difficulties were not problems, just challenges to overcome. Prayer worked, as did staying centered, and doing my practices. The first chakra is the foundation upon which we build our life, the place we stand. It is where we ground ourselves into the earth, anchoring our energy into the manifested world.

As I complete all these steps, a pure thought turned into a successful business, Go Within Yoga. The entire process, from beginning to end, took only two months!

One reason it went so smoothly was that I had no beliefs, blocks, or resistance to the idea. It was what I wanted. I didn’t question, ” How will I get clients?” or “How will I make money?” Those thoughts would have caused internal resistance, and blocked me. If that were the case, I could have used the Clear Beliefs Method which may have taken longer, but I still would have been able to bring my dream into reality.

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