Live in Your Heart, Not in Your Head

by | May 3, 2023

I just celebrated my 65th birthday, and last week, when I was strolling through Longwood Gardens, I thought how light I felt. I didn’t feel any of the heaviness I had carried around in the past. Maybe you’ve felt it, or still do—that invisible weight that holds you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

That heaviness is called psychic weight and is made up of all the negative thoughts that have piled up over your life. Thoughts that have to do with guilt, shame, disappointment, fear, resentment, and more. You know it’s not real, but it lives in your head anyway.

Take resentment. It’s like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “When you resent someone, you allow them to live rent-free in your head.”  If you’ve been this type of landlord, you are holding on to that invisible (psychic) weight, and it is weighing you down, robbing you of your confidence.

If you can relate, contact me to see how to break free and let go of it so you can feel as light as I did last week.

Did you know that the heavier your invisible or psychic weight is, the longer you have to wait to get what you want in life?  It’s true: weight = wait.

That psychic weight stays in your head, but you must bring it down into your heart to make it lighter. And this is the most challenging journey of life: the journey from your head to your heart.

When you live in your heart, you’re guided by intuition, empathy, and authenticity. You no longer have the negative thoughts that hold you back. You begin to tap into the profound wisdom that lies within, and you begin to go within.

Something magical also happens; living from the heart is where our actions align with our values and passions. When we live from the heart, we exude confidence because we follow our inner compass rather than seek validation from others.

We notice that we no longer weigh as much, and as a result, we don’t have to wait as long for things to materialize in our lives. How cool is that?

Are you ready to stop living in your head and start living from your heart so you can reclaim your confident self ?

Schedule your complimentary Roadmap Call today. I’ll design the map for your journey from head to heart so you’ll have the confidence and peace of mind you’ve always dreamed of.

Flowing the way to your heart.


Debbie Gill - author and coach

Debbie gill

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