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Have you ever not wanted to commit to something?
Do you say the first thing that comes to mind?
Have you ever regretted what you said to someone?

If you are like me, you are living life on autopilot. In other words, your responses are programmed. When I was discharged from Caron Treatment Center, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, I found it necessary to change only one thing; that one thing was everything!

That was a tall order! Instead of being overwhelmed, I broke it down into smaller steps. One of the first things I noticed that needed changing was my vocabulary, not only the words I was speaking but also the thoughts in my mind. So I began to remove words that didn’t empower me, such as try, probably, and hard.

Take the word try; it prevents us from committing. When we try to do something, we allow wiggle room. Trying means we aren’t devoting any energy to do something. It also provides us an excuse for why we didn’t achieve the results we wanted, letting ourselves off the hook when we fail.

Try to pick up a pen, glass, or anything for that matter. When you do pick up the object, try is impossible. You have picked it up. There is no try.


  • Are you trying to eat healthily —or are you eating healthy?
  • Are you trying to exercise daily—or are you exercising daily?
  • Are you trying to set boundaries by saying no—or are you setting boundaries by saying no?
Do you see the difference? When you hit a pause button, it will be an effort not to say the word try because you’re now dealing with another kind of power. You are going from “not committing” to “committing.” Feel what it feels like to say, “I’ll be over at one o’clock,” instead of, “I’ll try to come over.” It’s a different kind of power.

Nothing changes in a person’s life who uses the word try.  If you want to change, here are three steps you can take:

  1. Eliminate the word try from your vocabulary.
  2. Heed Yoda’s advice and decide to “do or do not.”
  3. Commit fully to the outcome you want.

Another response I encounter from many people who operate on auto-pilot is their reply to my “Thank you.” I almost always hear, “No problem.” No problem? Should it be a problem that you waited on me? That’s your job. But the more critical issue is that you’re sending out negative vibrations to the universe—and me!

Since the universe doesn’t hear a negative, when you say, “No problem,” it hears “problem.” And for me, you can keep that problem; I don’t want it, nor will I accept it. Instead, I ask, “What happened to ‘You’re welcome,’ or ‘My pleasure?‘”

If you’re not creating the abundance you want in life, take a moment and reflect—Am I choosing words that empower me or disempower me?

Choices have consequences. Your choices today will affect the rest of your life. Choose wisely.

A great book I highly recommend. It’s called “I Get To,” by Alicia Dunams. It helps you transform your world with words and empower you to harness the power of intentional communication.


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