• August 22, 2023

3 Gifts of the Sage

3 Gifts of the Sage

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3 Gifts of the Sage

To combat the stress and anxiety this fast-paced world emits, we must pause and reflect on how we can nurture our inner selves. I have found a way to navigate life’s challenges with grace and wisdom through the Sage Perspective with the Positive Intelligence® Program. It shows a way of thinking that allows us to perceive the world and ourselves as more enlightened.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the concept of Positive Intelligence®, delve into the attributes of the Sage Perspective, and unlock the Power of its three transformative gifts: Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration.

Understanding Positive Intelligence®

Positive Intelligence® refers to the capacity to maintain a positive and balanced mindset amid life’s ups and downs. It involves cultivating emotional resilience, mindfulness, and self-awareness. With this attribute, we can handle stress better, make sound decisions, and maintain harmonious relationships with others. By tapping into it, we begin the journey of self-discovery and growth, ultimately leading us to the Sage Perspective.

The Sage Perspective

The Sage Perspective represents a shift in how we perceive ourselves, others, and the world. Instead of letting our emotions and beliefs take charge, we begin to have the clarity and wisdom to see things differently. Here are the key aspects of the Sage Perspective:

  1. Detachment from Judgments: The Sage Perspective encourages us to observe our thoughts and judgments without becoming attached to them. By detaching ourselves from these judgments, we gain a clearer understanding of our beliefs, allowing us to make conscious choices based on reality rather than assumptions.
  2. Curiosity and Openness: Adopting the Sage Perspective means approaching life with curiosity and openness. Rather than assuming we know everything, we have a beginner’s mindset, eager to explore new ideas and perspectives. This cultivates empathy, understanding, and a deeper connection with others.
  3. Embracing the Present Moment: The Sage Perspective teaches us to appreciate the present moment and be fully aware of our experiences. Instead of dwelling on the past or creating fantasies that haven’t happened yet, we enjoy the beauty of each moment with gratitude and contentment.
The Three Gifts

Gift 1: Knowledge

Knowledge is the foundation upon which the Sage Perspective is built. It involves a commitment to expanding your awareness through continuous learning. We gain insights into our thoughts, behaviors, and patterns when we go within. This self-awareness enables us to identify areas to work on and empowers us to break free from limiting beliefs. Knowledge is a gift that keeps giving, as the more we learn about ourselves and the world, the more we can positively contribute to others.

Gift 2: Power

The Power that comes with the Sage Perspective is not about control over others or circumstances. It’s the Power to take charge of our emotions and reactions, to respond rather than react. With this inner Power, we become more resilient in facing challenges, and setbacks become opportunities to stretch and grow. This Power also extends to our interactions with others, as we inspire and empower them instead of being affected by negativity.

Gift 3: Inspiration

When we embrace the Sage Perspective, we radiate Inspiration to those around us. Our new way of thinking is a beacon of hope, inspiring others to begin a self-discovery journey for personal growth. Inspiration is contagious, and through our actions, we can create a ripple effect of positivity that extends far beyond our immediate circles.

The Sage Perspective in the Positive Intelligence® Program offers a refreshing approach to life in a materialistic world that often emphasizes success through external achievements. By nurturing the three gifts of Knowledge, Power, and Inspiration, we can change our old way of thinking and behaving that garners genuine fulfillment.

What is stopping you from embracing the Sage Perspective—that will allow you to have the wisdom to share these gifts with the world that will create a more compassionate and resilient society?

For more information on how the Positive Intelligence® Program can help you face challenges in living with a positive rather than a negative mindset, schedule your complimentary Presentation today!