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The Spiritual Path is the pursuit of self-knowledge. Included in this pursuit is to keep learning what is the truth, not about you, but about life. It’s understanding the Mystical Laws of the Universe. One of the laws you must learn and put into practice is the Law of Gravity.

To understand how the Law of Gravity can function symbolically requires your mind to perceive beyond reason and logic. Gravity comes from the Latin word, gravitas, that means, “weight, seriousness,  or heaviness.”

It can be said that Isaac Newton not only made a scientific discovery in identifying the Law of Gravity, but also a mystical one when he was given a glimpse into the oneness of the universe. He saw “into the whole” on that one day in his life and noted that all things are subject to one law, related to weight and force.

This law is also the Law of Psychic Weight; it’s not only what you give your energy to, it’s what you attach yourself to—possessions, traditions, power habits. You give weight to them.

The choices you make in life help to create the person you become. Are you someone who says, “You can’t use that tone of voice with me” or “You can’t talk that way to me”? These are totally subjective words that you’ve given gravity to and until now has had no meaning in your life. It is best to let it go.

Other “gravity” anchors, markers in the timeline of your life in which you freeze a part of your energy into “matter,” that weigh you down are the result of bad experiences, traumas, or unfinished power plays that need a resolution at some future point in time. They’re also the resentments, anger, and fears that you’ve held onto for years.

The choices you make have consequences. Do you want to hold on to the choices that weigh you down and anchor you, where its memory is burned into your cell tissue and DNA, or not?

The more attachments you have, the more you create psychic weight. Think of all the attachments you have that prevent you from being spontaneous. This psychic weight prevents manifestation and healing. In other words, the heavier you weigh psychically, the longer you have to wait to manifest or heal.


The speed at which events happen is proportionate to the rate at which you can respond or heal.

Do you want to pull up your anchors? Do you want to see and breathe the power of the Law of Gravity? If your answer is yes, just work on it for one month by hitting a pause button, asking yourself, “Do I really want to say that?” or “Do I really want to act this way?”

And Buddha said, “The root of suffering is attachment.”





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