Step 6 Process: Mapping a New Paradigm

by | Sep 8, 2022

Step 6 Process: Steps to Mapping a New Paradigm

The mapping of a new paradigm is vital to your transformational journey and is exploratory. The old map is a depiction of your current or working paradigm, and the new map is your desired paradigm, one that aligns with the transformational goal you set earlier in your journey.

The following steps are instrumental in mapping your desired paradigm.

Step One

This part of the coaching session will be outlined, and an agreement will be made with you to enter this process phase. The value of mapping your paradigm is that it creates a reference point that will help you form new habits, which is the final step in the transformational process.

Step Two

You’ll be given an empty map like the example below:



























Step Three

You will begin to populate the map (with assistance if needed) as you need to own the process and the content. The “Strategy” box is a good place if you’re uncertain where to begin. You would then fill in “Actions” and predicted “Outcomes.” From there, move to the top of the map and populate “Beliefs,” “Needs,” and “Goals.”

Step Four

Look back at your original transformational goal to see if and how well your desired paradigm fits your initial goal. If it works to your satisfaction, you have arrived. If not, ask yourself what you would need to change to feel more enthusiastic about the desired map.

Having a breakthrough requires more than mapping out your desired paradigm and gaining insight from it. It requires support from your community, reinforcement resulting from success, and practice and repetition. You need to hold yourself accountable to enact what you know will be more effective. It is where Step 7: Forming New Habits, comes into play.

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