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Part 1 gave you a few ideas about where to begin your journey from where you are to where you want to be—meditation, setting your intention, clearing out limiting beliefs and blocks, and discovering your life purpose.

In Part 2, you learned that you need to communicate your vision or dream and were given SMART goals to clarify what you need to say by writing them in your journal. You now need to move your idea into the world of relationships.

Part 3 asks you to write down all the things you love about your dream, as well as questions to ask yourself to bring it to fruition successfully. When you create something beautiful, it will attract love.

Part 4 is where the rubber meets the road, so continue to visualize, sit in meditation, and ask for guidance. Here is where you must claim your personal power and use it for a higher purpose. You do this by strengthening your will by following through with what is necessary to move you closer to your dream.

How do you strengthen your will?

To become empowered and master the manifestation process, you must take charge of your reality by taking action now. Don’t wait for the perfect moment—it will never come. If you miss the mark, you can always readjust later. You will run into obstacles, but you strengthen your will and personal power by finding ways to overcome them.

Measure Your Personal Power

In your journal, rate yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 in the following:

  • I control and focus my attention.
  • I manage my physical energy during the day.
  • I manage my money, finances, and resources.
  • I keep my word to myself and commit to my daily discipline.
  • I keep my word to others and say when I can’t.
  • I can manage my thoughts, beliefs, and reactions.
  • I am organized in my work and accomplish my goals.

Choose the area where your personal power is the weakest and dedicate a certain amount of time to strengthening it—a week, a month, whatever you decide. For instance, if you can’t manage your finances, talk to a financial expert.

You need the willpower to follow through to do what’s necessary to move you closer to your dream. To travel the road paved with good intentions, you need the fire. To raise your fire, you need more energy. To have more energy, use more breath, dance, or rest. If you use too much, however, the fire will burn out.

Intention goes down

 Energy ↑ goes up ↑  , and they meet—WILL.

To manifest your dream, you now take action on the SMART Goals you set earlier, which is where you put your plan in motion. Always begin with the end in mind. Step into your fear and do it anyway. What’s the worse thing that can happen? You fail, right? Big deal! You have to fail sometimes to succeed.

Take charge, and like Nike, the slogan says, “Just Do It!” 

If you happen to come across an obstacle, keep moving forward—no matter what— and remind yourself of your intention. Clear each block as they come along; don’t let them build up. Ask for help, feedback, advice. Do whatever it takes, and the fear you have will be overtaken by your desire, energy, and fire.

Be willing to put it all on the line for your dream. It’s what you’ve always wanted, so go for it!

Part 5 and the final blog post in this series will tie everything up in a neat little bow for you. Stay tuned; you won’t want to miss the end piece for creating the life you want.  Namaste!

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