A Prayer for Today

by | Oct 11, 2017

A prayer I wrote this morning after my silence:

As I enter into myself
I become lost,
Immersed in ecstasy.
I feel a million points
Of light
Piercing love into
My soul.
Is it you, God?
Where are you leading me?
I am lost without you.
I hear your voice calling me.
But to where?
I tumble and fall
But you are there
Catching me in this
Unreal realm,
Putting me back into
Guiding me from the
Unseen world to the seen,
So I have the strength, courage, and
To hold my Center
In the face of humiliation and
Hatred, and become
Your servant to guide
Others out of their
Just as you did for me.

Debbie Gill - author and coach

Debbie gill

The heart and soul behind Go Within Spiritual Coaching.