Shadow Work

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What is the Shadow?

We all have a shadow. The shadow, the concept coined by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, describes the parts of ourselves we try to hide and pretend didn’t exist. Go Within Spiritual Coaching’s 12-week program identifies the steps necessary for you to uncover what lies beneath your consciousness in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

Shadow Work is for those who want to embrace their repressed inner darkness, and turn them into strengths. When we work with our shadow, we reclaim the projections we place on others and go within as we begin to listen to those aspects inside ourselves instead.

Benefits of Shadow Work

  • Improved relationships with others
  • Increased mental, emotional, and spiritual clarity
  • Enhanced energy and physical health
  • Improved creativity
  • Expanded awareness of your desires and life purpose

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Get Three Ways Your Shadow Speaks to You

Go Within Spiritual Coaching’s outline allows you to safely go within and discover all that you are meant to be, in order for you to live the life you were meant to live.

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