About Clear Beliefs Coaching with Debbie … “Working with Debbie was extremely transformational. I worked with Debbie on dis-creating some unhealthy limiting beliefs to replace them with positive and healthy beliefs. In our first session itself, she was able to help me SHIFT at such a deep and core level. We worked on the ‘I am not good enough’ belief – which I believe the masses suffer from. She helped me completely TRANSFORM that belief; I now look at the world from a different set of eyes. She had me WEAR a new outfit (belief), which was confidence, power, and higher self-esteem – I cannot forget that first session – it was so impacting and transformational. Because of the work I have done with Debbie, I now look confidently at my life and business in a completely different way. Thanks, Debbie!”

Vivek Krishnani, Long Island, NY