About Clear Beliefs Coaching and Shadow Work with Debbie …Are you attracting narcissists, players, or addict partners? The non-commitment pattern where you project ‘love hopes’ onto an unwilling person? Well, I was attracting those people and then ignoring red flags. I began thinking, what hidden negative frequency am I sending out?

I decided to take action, and as I found myself thinking a lot about shadow work, I decided this must be my intuition signposting the route. So I typed in ‘shadow work,’ and up came Debbie Gill. During our discovery call, I chose her as I appreciated her no-nonsense but caring style. As it turned out, she can also hold it when the shadow work becomes intense for the client. It isn’t easy to walk this road, but the Clear Beliefs system enables you to leave the shadows and come into the light. Quite literally.

I can confirm to those wondering whether Debbie can help; she can. But you also have to commit yourself to doing the homework and establish and nurture the new beliefs you make during this process. Ah, the road to change is never easy. But if you can ‘walk through the fear,’ as Debbie says, then you will get to the fun. I find Debbie an authentic and inspirational person with much insight and support for the weary traveler. Working with her has led to a deep refresh of my person-ship, and I am now clearer, stronger, and worthy of the finest things.

Tasha Hargreaves, Bath, UK