Private Yoga

Go Within Spiritual Coaching

Are you new to yoga but feel uncomfortable around others?

Go Within Yoga specializes in individual yoga instruction in a private, non- intimidating environment where the focus is on you. The combination and connection of breathing techniques (pranayama) and physical poses (asanas) synchronizes the body-mind, bringing them into harmony and balance.

Is pain from illness or injury slowing you down?

An individualized sequence of poses will be offered and modified as you heal. Yoga is an excellent preventative activity, as well as a medium that can reduce many chronic ailments and diseases.

Are outside influences causing stress?

The more you come to your mat, the more your strength and flexibility will be increased, and your stress level reduced.

Do you want to be more present?

As you focus on your breath, you become present. You will learn to experience a pose rather than doing it, which leads you to be in the moment.

Styles of Yoga

• Hatha   • Vinyasa   • Yin   • Chakra

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