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Struck by Lightning: My Journey from the Shadow to the Light

“The positive energy is strong…”

“The positive energy is strong…” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I enjoyed the book, it’s the kind that’s hard to put down once you start. This true story is one of inner struggle and triumph. It made me feel as if anything is possible if you believe it is. Debbie’s determination to overcome her challenges and flourish was inspiring. August 22,m 2018 MOMMA BEAR

“Fantastic read!”

“Fantastic read!” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I find myself so very fortunate to have never struggled with addiction. Many of my friends and family members, however, have not been as fortunate. Debbie’s story of overcoming many obstacles, renewing herself and her spirit, is a tale to which we can all relate. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading and being inspired by others. Debbie has an excellent way with words and her story is captivating. August 23, 2018 BOOKGIRLDE

“Be Surprised With This One”

“Be Surprised With This One” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

This riveting read begins like a devastating joy ride but eventually ends in a safe harbor. The author shares her stories of pain, heartache, delusion with despair and such detail you can feel her struggle.  It is with transparency and vulnerability Debbie Gill boldly writes with a determination to find inner healing and meaning to her life.  Her examples of what it took to find herself on the long road ahead, is nothing short of miraculous. Expect to laugh, cry and be surprised! It a good read! August 22, 2018 JEFF AND CRYSTAL

“Triumph of the human spirit.”

“Triumph of the human spirit.” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

Debbie’s life journey from childhood trauma, love and alcohol addictions, is a tale that is interwoven with self-discovery. What makes this book so remarkable is how she took me through the insurmountable odds of defeat to rising with triumphant courage and living a life with purpose and joy. A raw look at the human spirit and the immense power we all have to make the most out of our lives. August 25, 2018 ILKA ARMSTRONG

“Best Seller for Alleviating Addiction”

“Best Seller for Alleviating Addiction” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

Struck By Lightning is one of the most poignant and profound reads of our time! Rarely does one find a family who has not been struck by addiction within the family and this book will support many who take the opportunity to read it. What is most enlightening about Debbie Gill’s story is her pure and raw honesty, yet more importantly, how she overcame the darkness of addiction and into the light on the other side. She is clearly a divine example and in my opinion, this IS the book of books for addiction and how anyone can overcome it. It truly is a masterpiece, one I will be encouraging clients to read. You will not be disappointed. – Certified Life Coach August 23, 2018 CHERYL R. BROWN

“Memoir about a woman’s personal spiritual journey”

“Memoir about a woman’s personal spiritual journey” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

The author has created a beautifully written memoir about a woman’s personal spiritual journey that I think we can all relate to in parts. From being a small child with all her tenderness facing the sometimes sad and traumatic things we witness, then navigating our troublesome teen years and young adulthood… You’ll be rooting for the author to come to inner peace, as she does. A true heroine’s journey, showing each archetype that is active in the story along the way. September 4, 2018 ALYSSA MARTIN

“Entertaining and Moving”

“Entertaining and Moving” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

This book came to me in the most perfect timing, as we “baby boomers” are asking deeper questions and trying to look at our lives more symbolically. Gill’s book is deeply honest, personal, humorous and helpful. I have a far better understanding now of my friends and relatives who have struggled with addiction and self-esteem issues thanks to Struck By Lightning. Gill’s book has also given me a far better understanding of archetypes and how they influence our lives as universal patterns of influence and power. I am not the biggest fan of self-help type books, but this is a relatable and entertaining read that left me very moved. Highly recommended. August 21, 2018 ARTEMIS

“Debbie Gill has a soul filled with love…”

“Debbie Gill has a soul filled with love…” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

While reading Debbie Gill’s new book I was listening to soft music in the background. Debbie is very clear about her path, and what she had to do to get to where she is today. Every page and every sentence took me deeper and deeper into my soul. She has fought her battles and won. The fact that she reached a point of surrender, and seeing the Truth… That when you surrender you become free of the illusions of your life is a gift that not many people get in their whole lifetime. This book was great to read and I highly recommend it to anyone who has or had pain in their lives (in any form) and wants to know that they CAN get through it. Debbie is proof of that. August 26, 2018 AMY C. NEFF-MOORE Spiritual Director

“Deeply insightful, and a page-turner too!”

“Deeply insightful, and a page-turner too!” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

Reading this book drew me into the life of Debbie Gill for the duration, and awakened some deeper insights into my own life and history as well. Joining the author on her journey through alcoholism and a succession of dysfunctional relationships is grueling, yet it was hard to put the book down. Hitting rock bottom, surrender, and the dawning of the light are stages that many of us can relate to poignantly in our own lives, in diverse ways. A challenging but profoundly life-affirming and inspirational read. September 16, 2018 HEDDA MATHESON

“Good Insight Into the Life of Someone Plagued by Addiction”

“Good Insight Into the Life of Someone Plagued by Addiction” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I have been lucky enough not to have someone close to me diagnosed with addiction. This book provides an intimate portrayal of what that disease is like for the victim. The author’s description of her first encounter with a mind-altering substance as a child as well as her experiences as a teenager is enlightening. She also provides insight into what recovery entails. One must not only stop drinking ( a dry drunk), one must also examine the triggers that caused the addictive behavior in the first place. The author seems to have successfully accomplished all of this, although her path is at times painful to read. I am sure everyone’s recovery is unique and I admire the author for overcoming her challenges and then putting pen to paper so the rest of us can learn from her particular experience. September 16, 2018 LIFELONG STUDENT

“Life for real!”

“Life for real!” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

I also grew up in this time in Wilmington, DE! This book hit me very close to home for me, personally. The 70’s were “free love, rock & roll” party! Debbie absolutely portrayed the struggle, bad decisions, regret of choices, as these years, decades played out in our real lives! Thank You for such an inspiring lift of my personal “bad choices, despair, and heartfelt emotions” came roaring back in my memories. It’s a wonderful read. I finished it over a weekend, mesmerized by each page. September 17, 2018 LINDA CARLIN

“Fast-paced and Suspenseful — Sure to Inspire Hope”

“Fast-paced and Suspenseful — Sure to Inspire Hope” 150 150 Go Within Spiritual Coaching

“Struck by Lightning” by Debbie Gill is a well-written and honest account of the author’s life challenges — including low self-esteem, addiction, and relationships — leading to in an intense spiritual quest and reawakening. Though her early addiction problems, losses, and doomed relationships were like lightning strikes, she also suffered a literal lightning strike that left her with periodic physical symptoms. Determined to overcome addiction and heal her life, Debbie completed a successful rehabilitation program in 2000 and emerged with a commitment to a spiritual quest, embracing faith and learning from life’s many signs and coincidences. In the process, she used principles from AA and multiple programs of various spiritual mentors. The book is fast-paced and suspenseful, keeping the reader rooting for Debbie. There are twists and turns along the way, surprises, serendipitous events, and remarkable coincidences. By the end of the book, she has found peace and self-esteem, now equipped to handle future lightning strikes of any kind. “Struck by Lightning” is sure to inspire hope for others seeking similar changes. Debbie has included an extensive bibliography to help them in their quests. JEAN YOUKERS